Validex is a message testing tool that enables users to validate XML message instances against message specifications expressed in xsd schema and schemarton files.

Validex has a core validating engine that is interfaced by using API connections based on REST from any process. This allows Validex to be interface from web sites, such as Midrans' own free validating site, or from specially branded sites such as, or

The Validex test engine can also be interfaced from various services. It can be placed into message flows in run-time and used to validate every message going through the flow or it can be placed into a lookup function allowing users to check individual messages to see what errors are in the messages.

The Validex test engine is a high performance tool that can handle a load of thousands of test submissions with a common response time of less than a second for each message tested.

A special function of Validex is its ability to recognize the type of the message that is submitted for validation and find the appropriate validations rules. The user himself does not need to know or understand what set of rules are appropriate for his message, he simply drops it into Validex, validex looks trough the content and recognizes the triggers that indicate what the nature of the message is and then matches that to the available sets of test rules and brings the results to the user in a easy to use format.

For reasons of data security Validex does not save the messages that are being tested but it saves each test result report with a unique random generated identifier that allows the user to refer back to the results or even send a link to the results report to his coworkers for discussion.

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