The History and our vision

Midran Ltd history of working with electronic standards goes back to 2006 when its founders started working on the definition of standard ways to communicate information between systems. Our work started in regional and national initiatives in the Nordic countries with NES and in Spain with CODICE but then continuing with on European and international level.

Midran aim has been always the pragmatic implementation standards. Rather than approaching standardization as a consulting or research exercise Midran aim is to provide tools and solutions for easy implementation as a way to move towards a more efficient society, bringing the benefits of the electronic business to every single company: From large enterprises to SMEs.

The existence of standards is not enough to achieve massive interoperability: We have realized that the implementation of the same standard by different teams can diverge and end-up creating non-interoperable implementations, causing a huge cost to implementers.

The Project

This is the main reason why in 2013 we founded Midran Ltd and its validation tool We wanted to provide a tool to allow everyone to ensure he is creating correct electronic documents. Documents that will be interoperable according to the specifications from the standardization bodies.

With, developers of ERP systems, network operators, standardization organizations or service providers can ensure that their implementations comply with the referenced standards.  And it is as easy as dragging an XML instance and dropping it into the web tool to get a report with the errors, if any.

The Team

The Midran Ltd initiative has been promoted by:

  • Georg Birgisson - MBA in Business Administration living in Gardabaer near Reykjavik Iceland. He has been active in implementing electonic business solutions since 1992, mostly in logistics, government, utilities and retail. He has been active in standardization work since 2005. His leisure time is spend on family, outdoors and fishing in Iceland.
  • Oriol Bausà - IT Engineer living in Sabadell, near Barcelona. Most of his working time invested in eBusiness definition and standardization. His leisure time is devoted to his family, hiking in the Pyrenees and building human towers in Sabadell.
  • Jónatan Pétursson - IT Engineer living in Reykjavik. Most of his time is spend on IT either at work or at home. He also has great interest in alternate electronic music.


Midran Ltd is an UK company located in Reading, maybe because it is half way between Reykjavik and Barcelona, the hometown of the founders.

midran at midran com



Contact information

Tel: +44 118 328 3380
  Postal address: 
Skogarlundur 12
210 Gardabaer
  Legal address: 
10 John street
London, WC1N 2EB
United Kingdom


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