Midran has extensive experience in electronic messaging and offers expert consulting that draws on that experience.

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Midran offers specialized development of components for electronic messaging, including schematron validations, stylesheets, specialized validation functions.

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XML validations with Validex

We have developed an user friendly tool for validating XML messages based on specifications.

Spend less time setting up

Increase the efficiency of your implementation processes by detecting any errors and incompatibilities as soon as the process begins. No more lengthy back and forth between technicians, Validex makes connecting with new business partners a breeze.

Analyze Errors Faster

With thorough and clear reports you can quickly figure out most validation issues, greatly reducing the time it takes to solve an issue. In addition to this the reports are very easy to share, so the relevant information gets to the correct people as soon as possible.

Safely increase automation

Validex assists customers in dramatically reducing manual oversight by integrating into the basic receiving and sending process. In these instances it acts as a gatekeeper, filtering out documents that require a second look and letting others through to the rest of the process.

Don't do unnecessary development

Midran has developed and maintains the Validex testing tool with multiple features and keeps its rule specifications up to date. It can inserted into any system process with minimal effort. So rather than spending own time on developing validation tools it is more efficient to use the expertise that is ingrained into Validex.

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Skogarlundur 12
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